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30 December 2012 | 10:02 pm

iran,s  Pars Association of Disabled wish the best for all the Disabled people around the world, hope the New Year  will be with lots  of Happiness and Good Health

Pars Association for the Disabled

31 October 2012 | 12:23 pm

Pars Association for the Disabled

(Cultural, Athletic, Touring)


In modern cities, organizing cultural programs, and investing in social, cultural, athletic, and touring domains, plays a much more important role compared to its counterpart, investment in civil development. It is evident that in Urban Management Systems, the enrichment of investments in above-named domains, leads to reduction in civil development costs. The need for above-named cultural programs, designed specifically for handicapped and elderly citizens is more than ever before.

One of the objectives of Pars Association for the Disabled is to have a constructive impact on the macro management of cities and disabled citizens, based mainly on three areas of culture, athletics, and tourism. With respect to this change in attitude, cities will not only be physical bodies, with streets, buildings, parks, and bridges, they will also be influential and dynamic phenomena, filled withhappiness, liveliness, beauty, and culture.

With such an approach in macro management, disabled and elderly citizens will be able to enjoy an improved life expectancy, empowerment, and efficiency. Based on this central principle, we have decided to employ disabled and non-disabled experts and geniuses, with skill and valuable experience in cultural, athletic, and touring fields, to build the foundations for a people-oriented institution. With divine help, as well as assistance provided by authorities, we hope to achieve our goals aimed at disabled and elderly citizens. Below is a list of our perceived goals.


Mission, objectives, and strategies of our association are as follows:

Mission: enhancement of vitality, hope and flourishing of the handicapped and elderly sectors.

Main Objectives:

Publicizing and spreading the “Culture of Serving” Publicizing and spreading cultural, athletic, tourism, and artistic programs Growth of cultural, athletic, tourism, and artistic fields.
Formation of autonomous mutual funds Informing and familiarizing the public with the cause of disability.
Teaching disability prevention with the use of traditional and modern methods Increase in the age of retirement Formation of Information Banks, and spreading an acquaintance with cultural, artistic, and athletic experts at the domestic and international levels.
Enhancing self-esteem and hope, aimed especially at citizens with physical and emotional conditions.
Exchange of knowledge in the areas of; science, culture, arts, athletics, and tourism, with other similar institutions and associations.
Government and non-governmental organizations will also serve as target for knowledge exchange.
Providing research and education support to Cultural Institutions, as well as centers for culture, art, and athletics.
Expansion, growth, and improvement of public educational facilities for the physically handicapped Active presence of physically disabled persons in scientific, cultural, social, artistic, athletic, and touring activities.

Main Strategies:

Preparation of a strategic and comprehensive plan for the involvement of the elderly and disabled citizens in cultural, artistic, athletic, and touring programs.

Communication with the government for the expansion, growth, improvement, and presentation of public facilities.

Partnership with other public and private organizations and institutions Use of Information Technology and communication in all domains of activity Establishment of two-way interaction with other people-oriented organizations inside and outside of Iran.

Development and expansion of travel and tourism agencies and residential centers Formation of Urban Association Centers Recognition and distinction of cultural, scientific, artistic, athletic, and touring variables, in order to offer up-to-date plans and programs for rehabilitation based on physical, mental, and emotional needs

Methods to Reach Objectives:

Research with regards to product quality management, cognition of organizational culture, observation of the status quo, pathology of institutions, and organizations closely affiliated with cultural, athletic, and tourism affairs of the disabled, and elderly, and the presentation of research results to related authorities.

Employment of information technology to keep up to date. Designing and setting up web sites as well as information banks for the handicapped, and data collection and required information in relation to organizations, workshops, and associations active in varied domains, such as cultural heritage, tourism, crafts, and classic art.

Publication, compilation, and translation of books and articles, as well as, holding and participating in exhibitions, conferences and seminars both domestic and abroad, in addition to, holding scientific, cultural, artistic, athletic, and touring competition and contests for the disabled and elderly.

Holding classes in arts, athletics, and travel and touring, designed for the disabled and elderly in institutions, travel agencies, and leader tours.

Introducing disabled artists, athletes, and experts, as well as supporting Veterans in such organizations, with assistance from the government and affiliated offices.

Recognizing suitable locations for the establishment of entertainment centers, tourism centers, and museums, as well as, introducing these places for the use of the disabled and elderly.

Presenting plans and potential programs aimed at expanding travel agencies, tourism centers, residential centers, historic and cultural sights, and museums, furnished with disabled and elderly-friendly, equipment.

Observing and recognizing potential talents for employment in different sectors, such as cultural heritage, tourism, arts, and crafts. In addition, presenting related plans to the government, parliament, and affiliated institutions.

Partnership and communication with banks with the aim to assign facilities specified towards the needs of disabled and elderly citizens.

Designing future and editing present factors in educational evaluation of students.

Encouraging student bodies to focus their thesis papers on cultural, artistic, athletic, and tourism areas with regards to the needs of disabled and elderly citizens.

Directing effort towards establishing a scientific method in teaching physical education and sports. In addition, familiarizing the public with the advantages and disadvantages of such activities embedded in the education system, for the means of preventing “acquired” disabilities.

Offering production plans and presenting cultural, entertainment, and athletic products, suitable for use by the disabled and elderly.

Holding field trips, as well as religious, athletic, artistic, and educational tours, with respect to disabled and retired elderly’s standards.

Introducing plans for equipping stadiums for the benefit of the disabled and elderly guests. Also, keeping in touch with institutions and offices in charge of stadiums and athletic fields, for the means of making such places available to the less able sectors of society.

Holding sports competitions for the disabled in people-oriented organizations both within and outside Iran. This will of course be done with assistance from the Ministry of Sports, Olympic Committee, as well as sports federations, especially federation of War Veterans and Handicapped.


Our “Association” board includes:

General Assembly of Trustees 

Board of Directors



Management of Public Relations and International Affairs

Pars Association for the Disabled

Cultural, Athletic, Tourism


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